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Searching for a gift for your friends, family, or maybe even yourself? ? Give the gift of memories! Select a style, a price package and get a gift card, it is as simple as that.


This is a special activity catered to your taste and vibe, leaving you with butterflies in your stomach. This can be anywhere from virtually visiting Argentina with your own guide or dancing to the beats of the Djembe, or a romantic evening being serenaded by one of our many singers with angelic voices.


The special personally designed activity plus some mouth watering food will have you feeling like sparks are flying!


Special activity, delicious food, and some extra touches to create a magical experience right in your home making it feel like its New Years Eve!

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Butterfly Flutters, Sparks are Flying, Fireworks


We do our best to be able to provide you with the most personalized date possible based on the information you give us. We are not responsible if the information you give us is incorrect and thus does not match your expectations of the date. We do our best to find out if there is any type of food you are allergic too/do not like. If this information is not provided to us, we are not liable for any health issues this may cause. We are also not liable if we did design your date according to what you told us, but for whatever reason it wasn’t as enjoyable. We are more than open to hearing feedback from you to see how we can improve the experience for next time, but we cannot guarantee a refund.


As we like to be well prepared and confirm your special date in advance, we would only be able to cancel and refund your date 100% within 48 hours of booking it.
If something does happen where you are no longer able to go on your date as it approaches, you can always postpone it to another day at no further costs 🙂
If you did not enjoy your date for whatever reason, we more than welcome feedback from you, but would not be able to refund your date to you. The budget you give us goes directly to our business partners that provide you the experience.


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