We understand that life can get very busy and overwhelming. Trying to balance everything in your life isn’t easy at all, and gets overwhelming sometimes. Trying to decide on a date that isn’t the movies/netflix or just dinner at your favorite restaurant can be challenging. That’s why we take care of designing the whole date so you don’t have to!

We have done months of research on the real purpose of dates within a relationship, such as quality time, and we focus on experiences that increase this. 

We do our best to give you a personalized experience that you are sure to enjoy and have a one of a kind experience! After all, we are the world’s first Date Designers 😉 

We like to go above and beyond for all of our dates! Quality is our top priority, we focus on the details to make everything an experience, from designing the date, to the actual date itself! We also make sure to work with local businesses that can provide a great experience for your dates! Our deliverers are also some of the best dressed delivery drivers you’ll ever see, and always come with an extra surprise to make it a delivery that you’ve never received before! 

The prices are also all inclusive of VAT so there are no hidden fees that pop up at purchasing time! 

We focus on the right details! We like to know our clients as much as they are willing to tell us as it helps us to better personalize their date! We would only ask you for some of your interests, any special dates you like to celebrate, and request your address solely for food delivery if required. 

We do our best to understand your likes and dislikes and sort through over 100+ experiences to pick the best one that suits the experience you would like as well as your interests! 

One of the specialties that we work with is that we can keep your date a surprise. So without saying too much, you can do anything from virtually visiting Buenos Aires, Argentina with an Art curator who can show you all the beautiful street art there to cooking a mouthwatering specialty meal with one of our many personal chefs! Our mission is to also work with as many small scale local partners as possible to give you the best of the hidden gems of your city! It all really depends on the vibe you’d like for your date 😉 

We prefer contact through Whatsapp as that is the easiest and more personal way for us to be able to send you the information for your dates, and for you to contact us with questions. We maintain privacy and do not spam you with messages or show up at your door unannounced, so don’t worry about that 🙂 

We have many different types of activities that we provide. Each activity varies in price based on the type of experience and whether it is a private experience or not. The higher your budget, the more private and special experience we can provide!

Of course! You can definitely get a date designed by us no matter where you are in the world! However, you would be limited to the Butterfly Flutters tier, as we do not provide food delivery options in other countries outside of The Netherlands…yet 😉 

We usually like to book our dates minimum 7 days in advance. This gives us enough time to contact our business partners to find the right activity and food for you, and also enough time for them to be able to book your special date in their calendar!

Of course! If you choose for your activity to not be a surprise, then we send you a proposed itinerary within 48 hours of booking your date for you to tell us what you think of it! You can request any changes you’d like to make, from the time the dates are going to happen to the restaurant you get food from!

As we like to be well prepared and confirm your special date in advance, we would only be able to cancel and refund your date 100% within 48 hours of booking it. 

If something does happen where you are no longer able to go on your date as it approaches, you can always postpone it to another day at no further costs 🙂 

If you did not enjoy your date for whatever reason, we more than welcome feedback from you, but would not be able to refund your date to you. The budget you give us goes directly to our business partners that provide you the experience. 

We do our best to be able to provide you with the most personalized date possible based on the information you give us. We are not responsible if the information you give us is incorrect and thus does not match your expectations of the date. We do our best to find out if there is any type of food you are allergic too/do not like. If this information is not provided to us, we are not liable for any health issues this may cause. 

We are also not liable if we did design your date according to what you told us, but for whatever reason it wasn’t as enjoyable. We are more than open to hearing feedback from you to see how we can improve the experience for next time, but we cannot guarantee a refund. 

Still have questions? No worries!

Feel free to contact us at info@sparq-dates.com or WhatsApp at +31 (0) 6 83520840.

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