About Us

About Us

The idea of SPARQ* sprouted from our lovely founder, Josie.  She’s a hard-working individual who has juggled many things at once. At the time, she was studying full-time to get her Bachelors, working part-time for a communication agency, and in a relationship. She found herself and her partner longing to have more special ‘date nights’ together. But when they actually found the time to schedule one and the day came around, they went to the same restaurant they usually go to, or just stayed home and binged a show on Netflix. Don’t get us wrong, being cozy at home and catching up on your go-to shows is amazing, but venturing outside the box and creating new memories brings a different type of adrenaline beauty for the relationship. Josie introduced the idea to the rest of our team, and we all fell in love at first hear. 

A couple months later, and we joined the Utrecht Incubator to validate the idea. And oh boy, it was an adventure in itself. We’ve researched, tested, and iterated, and tested, and iterated, and tested, and iterated, and we could continue this more for a couple more lines. Meanwhile, we had hit a little roadblock. Maybe you’ve heard of it? COVID-19. Spending quality time with your partner has a new definition now. We took this challenge, and realized it opened up more doors as we could connect with individuals and small businesses around the world by designing COVID-19 friendly dates at home! That brings us to now. We are beyond exciting to design your next date and bring a SPARQ* to your quality time. 💛

Our Values


Increase qualiy time by creating unique experiences that save time of our consumers while supporting local businesses.


Make people happier and more connected.

Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don't wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it's at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored.
Date Designer

We support local

We believe that quality experiences are rooted in local businesses and artists. We want to create special moments for couples whilst supporting local businesses. This means uncovering hidden local gems and talented undiscovered artists.

We listen to our customers

We make sure to personalize every experience by taking special attention to detail and making sure that you are at the centre of attention at all times. Our goal is to make people happier and more connected, so are always listening to your feedback, and iterating our service!

We try to be sustainable 

Change only happens when we act upon it. With every action we take as a start-up, we are consciously making the decision to take the sustainable route: we limit our paper use, use a bank that invests sustainably, make sure all our business partners have sustainable practices and values, and we support local SMEs.

The Creative Forces

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